dreams through the window

How many of us here would like to wake up from a bad dream or even have a depressing dream for that matter after the torture of bearing heavy scheduled weeks?
Well,I am a big time dreamer and of all my fanciful possessions,Dreamcatcher is my number one!As they say first impressions are effective,something quite similar happened to me.I once saw this fancy thing hung in a room through the window as I was on my way to college.I was 16 and I barely knew what was it called,but the way it was swinging elegantly in the wind and the attractive look of it made me crave for one.That night,I was content to finally find out that it was called a dreamcatcher and the myth behind it made me more curious.
Storytellers speak of mothers and grandmothers who would weave magical webs for their children using willow hoops and cordages made from plants as these Dreamcatchers were known for filtering out all bad dreams and allow only good thoughts to process in their minds.The sunrise would just make all the bad dreams disappear.I sure now I wanted it in my room to add up to the decor and also captivate someone else’s attention as mine was once captured,how beautiful and far the cycle would go?Its just so fascinating how rapid things go around. Isn’t it beautiful how destiny just guides you to something new everyday,something capturing your attention at times making a major imprint on your life and other times just leaving a vague snapshot down the memory lane.How often do we contemplate on how good and blessed our journey has been throughout?How often do we spend time with ourselves?How often do we speak positively?Why does negativity empower most of our conversations!Why do we only rest in peace and not live in peace?As they say be the change you want to see I decided to fill my life up with positivity first,only to let the cycle continue and I was sure it would.
Since that day,as I wake up every morning,this fanciful dream catcher of mine hung by the door makes me smile and it spreads some vague positive vibes around me.
Some say it’s just a highly commercialised superstitious belief where as some believe what it does,it actually does. But for me it sure is a fanciful article which is explicitly inspiring and equally mysterious and who wouldn’t want a little mystery and magic in their lives.

Hina Valida Mathias

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