Okay let’s be honest, each and every one of us has faced some kind of stress in our teenage lives, may it be a minor one or a major one that forces you to think about things you never imagined would cross your mind. It’s a hard battle to fight, everyone’s been there fighting different kinds of stress. I can’t be a support system for every teenager out there fighting, trust me I wish to be. Here are some methods you can apply on your day to day routine that can improve and hopefully help you avoid depression.

  • THINK AND ACT- Thinking with a calm and easy mind is always the best way to avoid bad decisions made in a hurry or the ones made when in a bad mood. Once a mistake is made, it’s important to stay focused on what lies ahead for you rather than what’s already happened. It’s good to think about what you can do about it or how you can avoid such mistakes in future rather than overthinking and jumping into conclusions. Leave the guilt behind and think ONLY about the future
  • PHYSICAL ACTIVITY- Indulging self in physical activity can help relieve stress and will also keep you healthy. Make it a routine. There won’t be any change if it’s not a routine. Remember that to bring out change, the effort is required.
  • FIND YOUR HAPPY PLACE- This could mean doing anything that makes you happy. You could go on a walk in your favourite park, listen to your favourite artist, do some paintings, visit a beach, anything that you love doing. Once you are set with your happy place, you can visit them whenever you feel low or in doubt almost sure that it’ll make you happy.
stress management
  • FORGIVE PEOPLE- Now this one we do every day and I believe is one of the hardest to avoid. People change depending on situations so judging someone by one of their actions would be a mistake. Maybe he/she is a totally different person. Forgive people for things that can be forgiven and those that did not make your life any harder.
  • ITS OKAY TO REACH OUT FOR HELP- We often find ourselves in situations when we feel all alone. Primarily depression occurs due to this feeling and suppressing these thoughts. You could try reaching out to your friends first and see how they react to it. They won’t know your problems if you don’t reach out. Assuming that they would not help is not fair to your friends too. Even if your friends can’t help you in ways you assumed, they would, you can always look for therapists who can understand you better. I will be providing a link where you can receive free counselling sessions from trained therapists.

You can start by taking these small steps to lead a healthy and active life. I hope this article has helped you overcome your stress by a little. A special thanks to

Mr. Vinaya Bhat (district well-being officer for DK district) for providing me with the content to help make many lives easier.

Article by Chirag Bekal


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