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We, together have come up with an online letter exchange initiative called ‘Dear Stranger’ where you can send messages/ letters to strangers anonymously. But at the same time, we would like you to follow the guidelines below in accordance with drafting the message. The Theme of this event is ‘Anxiousness around coping with the New Normal’. This signifies the anxiety we are facing during this chaotic pandemic which is why we have come up with this online letter exchange event. This is for you to share your thoughts, experiences through a message to a stranger.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, keep reading this post till the end!

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Guidelines for the Message:

Let’s be empathetic and compassionate: Try to connect with the fellow human being through empathy and compassion. Writing “You matter”, “Your voice matters” would go a long way, and naturally would offer support.

Drawing the line: Although through this letter, you can share your experiences (if relevant and absolutely necessary), we’d suggest that you avoid mentioning personal information such as your name, or anything that reveals your identity. Starting your letter with “Dear Stranger” and ending it with “Warm regards, a stranger” would be ideal.

Avoid inflicting your self-beliefs and do not engage in self-promotion: Remember the motto behind this activity is to build a kinder community and hence avoid sentences like, “Keep yourself active and motivated during this lock-down by working out”, and instead choose compassion. Remember, there is no one right way to cope.

Remember that this is not a pen-pal system: It means that you would not be receiving the letter from the same person your letter was sent to, since the pairing would be done at random.

Let there be a positive undertone throughout: We do understand that it becomes difficult to stay positive and optimistic all the time, but let’s keep the letter writing process therapeutic. For instance, although you can write about how the pandemic is making you feel exasperating, make sure you plant hope and say something on the lines, “You’re not alone”, “Wishing you the strength to get through what you are feeling”

This is a judgement-free zone: Let’s keep this a judgement-free zone both while writing and receiving the letter.

Registration link:

You can either register here below or on the blog Barefoot on the Beach, kindly do not register twice.



This link will be open from 18th July 5pm to 21st July 5pm 2020.

Closed! Sent to your email addresses for those who have registered for the event!

We have sent a letter from a stranger to your email id.

Thank you so much for participating in this event and making a difference with your letters ❤️


Do let us know what you thought of this event and all your suggestions for us.

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