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scarecrow drawing

Easy Scarecrow Drawing Tutorial

Easy Scarecrow Drawing Tutorial Ever had pigeons in you balcony causing a hindrance to dry your clothes? Or are you afraid of the mess and unhygienic bird poop in your balcony? These birds may be

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Sweet Lemon Pickle Recipe

Sweet Lemon Pickle Recipe A perfect mixture of the sourness and sweetness of lemon is presented to you through this delicious pickle. This sweet lemon pickle elevates your dish of rice and dal to the

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beef pepper fry

Mutton/Beef pepper fry recipe

Here’s a delicious recipe of mutton/beef pepper fry which compliments amazingly as a starter for your wholesome Sunday lunch or dinner. NOTE: You can make this dish dry and serve as a side dish or

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sweet mango recipe

Sliced Sweet Mango Pickle (Keptianche lonche)

SWEET MANGO PICKLE (KEPTIANCHE LONCHE) Keptianche lonche are the konkani words for sliced sweet mango pickle. This sweet lonche/pickle is a Mangalorean delicacy and children specially love this delicious jam-like pickle. It can be served

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Do you remember……

Here you are, reading this in your super busy life amidst the tidal wave of the pandemic. Did I say super busy, Yes! I am stressing about those words and let me tell you why.

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Chicken Green Kadai

Chicken Green Kadai Recipe

CHICKEN GREEN KADAI RECIPE Delicious chicken infused with coriander and cashew nut delight and voila! Here’s our chicken green kadai. This chicken green kadai recipe by Pearl Fernandes is extremely easy just like all her

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