Easy Scarecrow Drawing Tutorial

Ever had pigeons in you balcony causing a hindrance to dry your clothes? Or are you afraid of the mess and unhygienic bird poop in your balcony?

These birds may be innocent and cute but they sure do cause a huge undesired smelly mess which is so hard to clean as well. A scarecrow drawing or even a craft helps to keep these birds away.

Learn how to draw a colorful scarecrow on Wordanova.

Step 1: Follow the drawing and make the outline of the scarecrow using pencil.

Step 2: Color the scarecrow using sketch pens or color pencils of your choice.

You can get creative by adding the colours that you like and feel that would match even better.

To get crafty, you can also stick hay or broomsticks to your drawing to bring out the 3D effect.

Step 3: Outline the scarecrow with black sketch pen or black gel pen to get a highlighted effect of the drawing

and Voila! Your scarecrow drawing is ready to scare away the pigeons in your balcony and keep your balcony clean.

For more videos, click on the art page of Wordanova below

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