Tears have stories to tell- Don’t let the darkness take you

Tears have stories to tell

Tears rolling down my cheek,
Wiped my tears,I don’t wanna show the world that I’m weak
But I’m in pieces,it’s tearing me up
while in my throat, I can feel a huge lump.
Keeping it all inside of me,just casting a smile
And my eyes screaming for help towards thee
In solitude, not even myself I find who cares about me
Therefore being a masochist, I tend to find relief
The only relief I need,the relief of being me
As I scream my lungs out with a hell lot of tears bursting out
Wondering if there’s anyone who loves me
But even if there is,I believe there isn’t
Because do I deserve even a little care?
But isn’t life supposed to be fair?
Questioning myself on my worthiness
With no hope but despair
Even much as with no love but hatred
and also with no purpose in life
And if there’s no purpose but despair and hatred,what next?

I don’t want to be a burden
furthermore, I don’t want to be the thorn of pain to the people I love,pricking them every moment of their lives
And I don’t even want to change my thoughts
Yes,I’m stubborn and yes I am broken
There’s no way out,there’s no fixing
Even if I want to,it’s hard,damn hard
I think it’s time,time to say goodbye
I think I will just kill myself
That’s the best thing now,for me
And yes,that’s the next step you see.
So I start taking steps,one by one on my terrace
And I jump

All of a sudden I wake up
I wake up from this nightmare
With tears rolling down my cheek,
With the people I love comforting me
And giving me all the love in my dream that I sought
so I hug them all at once without a single thought
It seems like we may be trapped in that nightmare which even could be our reality
And all others do,is just show pity
It’s we who endure and need to be strong
And abstain from doing anything wrong.
Love is always there,if it’s we who love ourselves
We might stumble and lose our way
and at that time, all you need to do is to be brave
Be brave to believe
To believe that there is atleast one person out there who loves and cares for you
A person who is ready to lose anything or even anyone

But that anyone can never ever be you.

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