A walk that never ends

Walk which doesn't end
Walking with the one I love, yet fighting with tears in my eyes
And you tell me I have done something which has torn your trust into pieces
I know it’s true,I wish I wouldn’t have done it.
Not for a million good reasons if I would lose you
I regret every bit,every single thing we fought about,
Not because I made a mistake,but because I let you down
I let your trust down,I let our love down.
And Because of this guilt,I’m running away
Filled with remorse
With a feeling that if I’m with you,you would endure sadness without saying a single word just because you love me way too much than I ever saw
I guess I was just blind,blinded by my own happiness,which you gave me
That everything else seemed to have shuddered
I suppose I was selfish for a moment
And I don’t know why I did it,
I love you,I would move mountains for you but all I can do now is feel ashamed.
I know you always followed me if I went a little further away from you
But at that moment,everything was so hazy
I felt everything was falling apart
And I saw you turn to the other side,and walk away
I was too startled and broken,I knew if I would turn back and not see you would shatter me completely
So I just kept walking,
walking away from hurting you,
and walking away from the love I didn’t deserve
Just walking and walking without knowing where I was going
All I knew was I was going away,
Extremely far from you.
But then I heard my name,I saw you right behind me,following me all the way
Which shattered me much more,how could someone love so me so much,the love I didn’t deserve
And you said,”I won’t leave you”
“Please don’t walk away,please don’t go”
I wish I could just pierce my heart with a knife at that moment
I knew I didn’t want to be with you after that,you deserve more love and much more happiness
After being so stubborn on not going back,and you telling you wouldn’t go away
I turned around and started walking back with you
As I saw an old couple walk towards us,
I said to myself I wish this walk never ends.
Not because I would be walking with you till we are old and after that too,
But because your happiness mattered to me much more
and after this walk,we wouldn’t be together anymore.

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