What’s meant to be, will be

This movie I watched, it’s about a girl who falls in love with a guy and they get into a relationship. As time flies,they eventually break up. The guy breaks up with her due to a fight between them. If you ask me if the fight was too intense or not, I can’t tell you because it doesn’t depend on the fight, how intense or small it is, it depends on you, how you and the other person take it. Anyway, like all of us know about the parallel universe, the girl is so smart that she creates pills which help her to travel through time but which makes her body extremely weak. She takes the pills,one by one, she goes to different times, different situations, tries doing everything she can to save her relationship, but one thing or the other happens and still he breaks up with her, not because of the same reason but because of million other reasons and in the end she realises that it just wasn’t meant to be.
The same thing is with our lives, but in our lives we just think or should I say overthink about the situations and times where we could have just been different or done different things but let me tell you this, as in the movie, how much ever we force something to happens, it doesn’t happen. We can’t force something to happen,we can’t force people to stay,we can’t force people to love. We can’t change our destiny,how it’s meant to be.
I’m not saying that we should give up and blame destiny. What I’m saying is, we need to fight for our love, not give up, not let the bond break.
If something happens, forgive and forget but don’t blame yourself for what goes wrong. Don’t punish yourself for how fate didn’t favour the situations and most of all do not regret. Never regret about whatever that happens in life.
If something is lost, it’s not wrong to mourn, but life is simply too short to just mourn and do nothing else.
Good things come in every person’s way, trust, have hope, love yourself, love others, don’t push yourself too hard and just let it go.
What’s meant to be will be.


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