After a long walk with my parents, as I was heading home, I saw an old woman trying to stop an auto-rikshaw. I rushed and helped her, and as she sat in the auto and the auto-driver drove away, I saw a soothing gratitude- filled smile spread across her face.

And guess what?

I was so happy that day, thinking of the good deed that I had done.

All we need is to sway with kindness, and you know what?

Being kind makes you happy and being happy is what makes you beautiful.

The smile of confidence on your face portraying your beauty through your deeds is what makes you extremely beautiful.

 Sometimes, we try to fit in with people who are really very dissimilar and we tend to believe that their actions are amazingly perfect. We don’t have any self-esteem because they look way cooler than us.

We all want to be ‘COOL’.

But being kind?

Somehow, that seems to be less important to us.

Do we see the beauty of kindness in others actions and most of all, in our own?

Open up your hearts and unlock your souls.

No beauty product can beautify you, your soul.

It’s only the act of kindness which can, and not just the act of kindness, it’s the belief in yourself.

It’s the light in your heart and the hues in your smile that create rainbows.

All of us have flaws, yet we are imperfectly perfect.

You have a golden heart, all of us do. We are all beautiful in our own ways – in kindness, in faith, in concern, or whatsoever it may be.

Beauty is just like a bag of chocolates. The chocolates matter, what’s on the inside of your brain and heart matters.

It’s when you truly accept yourself and seek for no validation that you become a star.

You start glowing with beauty and this radiates to every single person through your smile.

So, let me tell you about one of my friends who is so beautiful that I am so glad that I am able to be a part of that person’s life.

Actually, let me just show you.

Go to a mirror and just look at that person, that strong, beautiful, loving, amazing person.

You see that person, don’t you?

And that, my love is the real secret to beauty.

Beauty doesn’t define you, YOU define beauty! ❤️

the secret to beauty
The secret to beauty

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