The love undone
the love undone

He had remained unchanged till the next sun
A thought trespassed when she entered
Angels were released, the evil could harm none
She debuted herself after the seraph in turn

He was startled at her absorbing glance
Unaware he’s lost in the deceiving trance
Before she would laud, he quoth a line
Thou command… and they are thine

The Princess more prettier; simpler she stood
Awaiting her Prince as long she could
A beatific moment it was for the two
Her tears were real when he turned blue

Transformation had tackled him
She wore his shadow, she played akin
Her completeness had appalled him
And the bushes teemed with venom and sin

Erstwhile, every moment had hit eternity
Solitary she lives, under the trinity
She was ambitious in her run
Would you entitle it the love undone?

Safwan Sadiq

pic credits:yetanotherbitterinfertile

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