I have always fantasized over blue roses, in short the color blue. Here’s a poem from my heart called the tail of blue roses. Hope you all like it.

It all started with a bunch of blue roses
And a hand full of romantic poses.
On his knees, he gave her the bunch
And luckily she didn’t punch
At that moment, she didn’t think he would propose
But the moment he did, she got a tingling feeling in her toes
For she loved him so much that she always waited for that day
The moment when ‘ I love you’ he would say
Eventually they got married, and children they had
There were times when they were happy and times when they were sad
But still not letting go of each other, they went on
But as years passed,sadly by cancer one of them was gone.
He could just hold her hand and kiss her goodbye
As in her death bed, she would die.
Bodies were distanced but not their souls
Because as they buried her body, he left a blue rose 💙blue rose

Art by Rashmi Ramesh

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