The consequences of plastic microbeads

What are microbeads?

plastic microbeadsMicrobeads are solid plastic particles which have a dimension of less than one millimeter. They are mostly made of polyethylene but can be made of other petrochemical plastics such as polypropylene and polystyrene too. In the end, it’s all plastic.

Where are they used?

Plastic microbeads used for decorative purposes

They are used in exfoliating(wash or rub a part of the body with a granular substance to remove dead skin cells) personal care products, toothpastes and in research. These are also used for decorative purposes like in vases or in glass bowls. They are also used for nail art purpose and various other purposes. I admit it too, I love these water beads too, but after getting to know the consequences, I’m sure I’m never gonna use it again.

microbeads used for nailart

microbeads used in toothpaste

How plastic beads are causing problems

The oceans are extensively polluted by plastic and the 92% of the plastics are microplastics. They are used in facials,scrubs go down the drain into the rivers and lead to polluting the oceans. One tube of facial scrub , toothpaste contains 300,000 of plastic Microbeads. They absorb toxins in the water, are eaten by marine life, and can make their way up the food chain all the way to our dinner plates and not just that is our concern but the aquatic life which is in danger. These beads look like fish eggs to the aquatic life and these microbeads which are filled with harmful chemicals like DDT enter the bodies of not just whales or fishes but the entire ecosystem.
Microbeads, since they are used in toothpastes, there are chances that they remain in your mouth, get stuck in the gaps in your teeth which hence goes directly into your stomach which is a very bad thing.
The plastic microbeads are lethal and are non-biodegradable which is leading to poisoning of lives and deaths too. Alternate ways are being found or are already found which need to be used and the use of plastic microbeads needs to stop.

Source:How plastic microbeads are causing big problems

harmful effects of microbeads

It’s a heart reckoning concern and we need to ban the use of plastic microbeads or the least we can do is not promote their use and not use them ourselves and share the message to whomsoever you know. The consequences of plastic microbeads need to be known.


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