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While a few years back, owning a wireless pair of earphones were a luxury now it has become a necessity. And since the demand is so high these days every manufacturer needs a piece of the pie. This has led to an intense competition in the wireless market which resulted in a massive decrease in the price of a good quality wireless earphones. These are 3 wireless earphones that won’t hurt your pocket much and will still provide the amazing sound quality you’ve been looking for.


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Anyone looking for a pair of wireless earphones under 2000INR will have heard of the ONEPLUS BULLETS WIRELESS Z. ONE PLUS has used the same formula apple used in making the iPhone SE2. By retaining the same design as the previous generation bullets wireless 2, ONEPLUS has saved a lot on R&D. It has an amazing range of highs and lows, but somehow lacks a bit in bass. The selling point for the Bullets Z is that it has an amazing battery life of 20 hrs.0 on a single charge achieved by charging it only for 20 min! It only gets sweeter if you have a ONEPLUS device, it will support DOLBY enhancement. It comes with very low latency mode which means there is very less sound lag. It is IP55 dust and water-resistant and will easily stand your workout without popping out of your ear. It comes with Bluetooth 5.0 which enables wireless connectivity of up to 10m. It’s an easy pick for anyone who needs a pair of Quality wireless earphones for under 2k.


The OPPO ENCO M31 comes in at a little pricier than the ONEPLUS BULLETS WIRELESS Z at a current listing on amazon for 2500INR. This increase in price is however justified by providing the user with LADC ultra-clear audio which is usually supported only by high-end earphones. It also comes with active noise cancellation during calls to cut down background voices and enables a clear reception of voice. However, it does not have noise cancellation while listening to music. The earphones do come with an IPX5 water resistance which means it can see you through all your basic workouts. Battery backup is claimed to be 12hrs and a USB type-C port is also provided for charging convenience. It does not come with any low latency mode and hence gaming wouldn’t be something you would enjoy while using this.


HRX is a new player in the earphones market so you would not expect to see their earphones on the top list. However, this one just beats all those stereotypes. Coming in at INR1799, it is the cheapest on the list and has all the good stuff on the inside. Comes with Bluetooth 5.0 and 10m of wireless connectivity range, Sweat and water-resistant, has an average battery life of about 9hrs. comes with super-low latency mode for lag-free sound while gaming. HRX has also said that there are more than 300 service centres across INDIA where the warranty can be claimed if something goes wrong. This pair is a partnership between Qualcomm and HRX so their chipsets would be of the best quality.

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