APPLE’S BIG MOVE TO INDIA                       

apple in india

Apple’s major chipset manufacturer and assembler tech giant Foxconn has stated that a sum of 1 Billion will be invested in the establishment of a new workspace in Tamil Nadu. Foxconn is a Taiwanese company that has total equity of around 1.171 Trillion dollars and is a major partner in assembling phones for a number of companies like Apple, Xiaomi, One Plus and the list just goes on and on.


Apple is currently assembling the models iPhone XR, iPhone SE, iPhone 7 and similar lower range iPhones in the factory that is located in Bangalore, India. In its previous statements, Apple has clearly stated that India was not ready to manufacture the top tier Apple products due to lack of experience and skill set which needs to be developed over time. This investment from Foxconn has led us to believe that the time might just be here for India to start assembling and exporting the top tier iPhones. This investment could attract a lot of other companies like Apple to start manufacturing their electronics in India rather than China. With China’s laws getting stricter, the tech giants based in China will definitely be looking for a cheap and quality workforce outside China. Inside sources have also claimed that Apple is pressuring Foxconn to shift the entire unit out of china as soon as possible. However, the current investment is believed to be creating over 3000 jobs in the next 3 years. This assembling will also lead to a major price cut in the iPhone. The iPhone XR was launched initially at a price of around 75000 rupees, but as the Indian manufacturing started the price has come down to a mere 50000. The expected iPhone prices once the assembly in India starts are as follows:

  • iPhone 11 – 58000INR
  • iPhone 11 pro – 75000INR
  • iPhone 11 pro max – 90000INR
apple in india
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India Surely looks to gain a lot from this investment and I am pretty sure more opportunities are right around the corner for the IT fields in India. Follow us on Instagram @wordanova for amazing posts and stories.

By Chirag Bekal

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nice artilce , thank you . keep it up

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