SUSTAINABILITY! We keep using this specific word a million times every day. But do we really realise how intense and important sustainability is?

Sustainability means using resources mindfully so as to avoid their depletion and maintain a balance. So how does sustainibility effect us all?

The three pillars of sustainability are: economic, environmental, and social (profits, planet, and people).


Profit and growth, both, have been always related to environmental degradation. Humans, being the greedy creation of God, neglect everything that is being affected as a consequence of their actions to increase their profit and hence accelerate in the growth chart. Little do they realize that this economic growth that they are chasing constantly is just an illusion. In reality, they are rapidly falling down the graph of sustainability. Their power, level in the society, and materialistic happiness will mean nothing when eventually, the earth won’t be a healthy planet to live in due to the unsustainable practices going on since the start of time.

This can be solved by a process called eco-economic decoupling. It refers to an economy that would be able to grow without a corresponding increase in environmental pressure.


As the famous saying goes, “We haven’t got the resources from our ancestors but we have borrowed it from our children.” We have no rights to destroy what the earth offers to us. All the necessities that are obtained from nature now will turn into luxuries if we don’t stop misusing them. It is not only us that will be living here. Life has started on earth a billion years ago and will continue to many more years. Resources on the earth started to deplete the day mankind stepped its foot on the surface. It is necessary to use these resources for survival and improving the living quality but, care should be taken that we do not become too greedy and create an environment unlivable for our children.


People, one of the greatest assets of a society can also become a huge threat and liability for the earth. Ignorant people and the ones who choose to stay silent and not work upon living a better and sustainable living are the biggest disasters of mankind. Man being the smartest should try to be compassionate and work towards healthy growth. Well educated and informed people can make choices and spread awareness regarding the importance of sustainable development.

The best path to sustainability is smart consumption. Selecting eco-friendly options amongst the other. For example, using a cloth bags will slowly phase out the harmful plastic bags, using public transports/cycle/ walk for short distances will reduce the effect of CO2 on the atmosphere and decrease the consumption of exhaustible fuels.

Population control can also be another way to be sustainable, less the population, less is the use of resources. This can be done by improving access to birth control and sex education.

The most promising path to sustainability is a new and innovative technology. One of the best examples being transitioning to renewable energy.

Education for sustainable development that encourages changes in knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes to enable a more sustainable and just society for all also plays a very important role in sustainability.

Rashmi Ramesh

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