Earth Day Wordsearch

To celebrate April 22 as Earth day, we have this superfun and engaging wordsearch for you!

earth day wordsearch

Earth day 2020 @wordanova

You may download the image, mark the answers and send it to us on insta @wordanova.

Let’s have some fun y’all! Hope you enjoy this wordsearch.

The Earth’s climate has kept spiralling around chaos and environmental depletion of natural resources. Ice caps are melting, marine life has been plasticised, rivers polluted and the air around us pure no more. An excessive amount of vehicles and population have caused a huge increase in polluting the vital air we breathe. There’s not much we can do now if we remain with no hope. But if we hope and dream, and also cultivate little habits, these can, in turn, contribute to the climatic crisis. Try carpooling, using public transport, separate your waste accordingly so that it’s easier to recycle. Maybe cycle once a while, it keeps you fit as well as it’s green.

So, let’s do our bit to save and conserve our earth, by not using single-use plastic, recycling, reusing and reducing and adapting to ways which will conserve our nature.

Happy Earth Day 2020, let’s all take an oath to be kind to our mother earth this year and the years after. 🌍

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