Pain: Grow Stronger

pain grow stronger

Sometimes all we want is to be alone to spend time with ourselves with our own thoughts. But being alone can make us feel more depressed sometimes and that’s when we want someone to be there for us but yet you know that you have to be strong. In such situations you just feel like screaming all your thoughts out and sometimes just writing it down.
All I want is to be alone
Just idle my time away and mourn
With the thought that I’m better off without anyone by my side
With only my rules for me to abide
It’s a mixed feelings of the need of companionship and solitude
Is it possible to get both with my fortitude?
Time for myself I need
But it’s not the life of sadness that I lead
It’s just a moment which will soon be gone
And I will notice the beautiful petals and not the thorn
For now I just want someone to wipe my tears and make me smile
And my heart’s broken pieces to pile
But I see no one noticing my pain
And that’s just making me more insane.
Yet at the same time, I don’t want to show them my tears and them calling me weak
All I want for myself is for happiness to seek
But everyone faces things like these
And hurdles of pain before the state of bliss.
So I just need to let go of this pain
And then it can wave me goodbye
And the next day, I can wake up peacefully without a painful sigh.


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