With broomsticks in her hand,
she does her only errand
All-day long just sweeps the street
even though sharp things prick her feet, make it bleed
She works so hard unlike few
who hasn’t seen the real struggles in life?
But don’t all of us nag like we suffer the most?
It’s hard to work she cannot say
she has to just stay strong and sweep all day.
To get a meal per day, she has to strive
and relentlessly we waste food in a restaurant
just because we are ungrateful to what we have
New creams we want, to our parents we give a command
but the only thing she gets on her face is sunlight, and yet her face is lit so bright
So bright due to the sparkle in her eyes.
The sparkle to overcome her life’s strife.
We throw caps all around and lose them like we don’t care
but she has just a piece of cloth to cover her head
but she can still feel the scorching heat, she said.
Though she gets tired she cannot stop
because her husband gave up on a crop
Children with no father with infinite hopes for their mother
A wife of a framer, the life of a mother
The struggles are much more than what we see
Instead of disrespecting them, our role models they need to be
We are blessed with so many things is that we don’t realize
and when we lose them, we perceive their true value
But what is life if it’s too late to count your blessings and live with regret?
A woman’s strength can never undermine
Beyond the broken pieces, she pretends to be fine
Have respect, gratitude, and love towards those who sacrifice
The ones who live their life overcoming life’s strife


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