new year's rejuvenationNew Year’s Rejuvenation

Here’s  some inspiration for everyone out there to have another beautiful and productive year ahead, to do the best they can, to love without regret and live their life the fullest. Explore, learn and grow.

This year is almost over
so it’s the best time to make a do over
To enrich the memories of this year
The happiness,sadness, and not just that,
Every change that has shredded you into pieces
and every twist and turn that made you more strong from your brittleness
It’s time to rejuvenate
It’s now time to make new memories,
The time to say your sorries
and time to makes new stories
The time to say you love someone
and time to make a change by being the one
A reincarnation of thoughts,positive thoughts
From a flicker of hope to flames
To be strong,getting rid of your jitters
To shut your ears to the voice of the wilderness,
The wilderness of pessimism,
To the ones who say you cannot do something
Strive towards your goal and achieve it
Yeah it all seems to end like new year resolutions are meant to be broken
But This,
This isn’t a new year’s resolution
It’s a new year’s rejuvenation.

I hope this article has at least instilled the though of rejuvenating in the coming year. You are already a beautiful person, all you need to do now is share the love which you have within with the world. Spread love.

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