There’s one thing we do the most
to the people we love
Give them guilt trip
and relentlessly their delicate heart we rip
Blaming each other for what goes wrong
And just cry over the lyrics of a sad song
It’s not just blaming but it’s what we say
Which decays that person’s entire day
How’s it that we get relieved by
hurting someone we love
By giving them guilt trip and feeling
that we are right somehow?
The words that we would never
mean to say, just flow out
Echoing in that person’s head, so loud
Sometimes we just need to think
about what we say
And not say things out of our way
We think we are hurt more
But the truth is that, each one of our heart is equally sore
With lack of patience, we thoughtlessly yell
With closed ears, we don’t give a chance for the other to tell
Sometimes we just need to let go of ourselves for a moment
for someone else
And understand that the situation is at fault
Mutual understanding and apologies are what we need
But remember to never tell or do something in life
which you will regret indeed.

-Grissel Myrtle Fernandes

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