He Loves Us

Sometimes people can’t stay in our lives for long, but their presence in our hearts always keeps us close to them. 

Sometimes, people can be in your heart
But in your life,cannot be a part.
Sometimes,we ask God’why?why did this person I love have to die?
Though I am deeply hurt,I need to be strong to take care of you,sweetie
It’s true that sometimes life gets miserably shitty
So let me tell this to the one who means the most,
To me and the one who lost his life on the coast.
Death of a loved one may bring tears
But don’t let the blurry vision be there for long and bring you fears
Just dance in your tears as if they were rain
And darling,let go of the umbrella of pain
Don’t let the best memories bring you sorrow
Baby,just take my hand and live like there’s no tomorrow
Before going to bed,That one loving kiss he gave me on my forehead
Now I give to you,my beautiful little daughter
I miss him and I know you do too
But remember daddy’s always gonna be there for you.
Maybe not in your life,but in your heart
Even if he is million miles away,from you and me he will never depart.

-Grissel Fernandes

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