Shaving set, watch, pen, tie, travel kit, whiskey – who do you get reminded of when I mention such gifts?
No brownie points for guessing the right answer, because come on, you know what the post is about, you know what day it is today.
Also, let’s stop pretending like it’s not going to be one of those cliché father’s day articles, that go up every year. I’ll try and make it interesting.
Dads are indisputably the first heroes of everyone’s lives, even more so, for the daughters. All dads crack PJs, lighten the mood in an otherwise boring conversation, have the wittiest answers for all your problems, to a large extent. Sometimes dads go to despicable lengths, in order to prove their point in an argument, but if you look back in retrospect, it’s admirable. (lol, no) Do almost all dads plug in “when I was younger, I used to walk 10 kms to reach school” or a “there were times when I used to study with tthe candle light” when we whine about something unbefitting. Also, why do they reply with a “Maa se pooch lo” which indirectly means a ‘no’. Ugh.

Dads are either “bauji” or “pops” from DDLJ (Kajol’s and SRK’s dad respectively). 😛But having said that, I think they deserve a lot of credit for putting up with a generation like ours – adamant, uncompromising bunch of people. Maybe it’s time we appreciate them, for these small things. For coping up with the internet slangs (and sometimes using them at the wrong times, which one hundred percent is excessively funny.) For being progressive enough to accept our insane fashion trends. For keeping up with the fast paced world. For always having our backs. For accepting our cliché gifts on fathers day! 😋

Psst, what did you gift your dad today?

Iswarya Ramakrishnan

Instagram: werestarsandwerebeautiful

father's day

Happy Father’s Day to all the superdads around the world. What would we do without you?❤️

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