Autumn- And it was all Yellow

As I trod upon an ochre hued dried leaf on my way to the temple
I recall all those happy memories which are beautiful, simple
Competing on who steps on more number of dry leaves
Hearing the crisp sounds giving
pleasure to us when we were young teens.
And then when I carried you and
stepped on those leaves again after a year
Ouch! my back hurt for a while but it made
you happy and your loud innocent laughter I could hear
What more would I want than to see you smile
And just be with you till we are old and senile
‘I would moves mountains for you’
would be an understatement for me
B’Cause I would do much more
than move mountains or cross oceans
To be with you forever being my only notion
It’s my favourite season now, It’s Autumn
With dry leaves all around,
These memories are relived once again
As I trod upon a golden dry leaf,
I see you standing there, waiting for me in a beautiful saree
Wow! I can’t believe we are getting married already!
It was just yesterday when it was all yellow
And you giving me a flying kiss from your window
I just can’t wait to carry you once
again and step on those innumerable dry leaves
But this time, you being my wife and I, your husband
Reliving these memories till our life’s very end.

Grissel Fernandes

autumn it was all yellow

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mcintosh · January 15, 2018 at 9:17 pm

Veгy energetic рost, I likeԁ that a lot.
Wilⅼ there be a part 2?
mcintosh recently posted…mcintoshMy Profile

    admin · January 16, 2018 at 5:49 pm

    Thank you very much, there’s no part 2, this is pretty much it.

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