How does a man define his very existence, without a purpose in life? A purpose that sometimes breaks barriers. A purpose that shatters stereotypes. A man who experiences treachery of the highest order and still rises against the odds only to fulfill that purpose. There is no end game here. To go on about achieving something that the mob would describe as “impossible”, “pointless”, “wasteful” and umpteen other synonyms, is something what separates the men from the boys.

With great purpose comes great sacrifice. Sacrifice, in my eyes, is defying the underlying desire of the mind to experience luxury, or as I’d like to call it, “Poison”.

The reason? No good man should ever be driven to achieve greatness just to attain the sweet taste of luxury.

Sleepless nights, more often than not, goes in sync with a homophobic, distressed and psychologically unstable human being. But I say sleepless nights are for those put their purpose in life ahead of anything or anyone. Hustlers don’t need a drug to keep motivating themselves.

The inborn ironclad will of the real man is what makes him stand out from the ordinary human being. But sometimes or at least as far as planet Earth is concerned, society does not reciprocate these emotions with honour and dignity. Instead, a barrage of abuse and lack of ethics greet these men.

Sooner or later, this lack of respect there in leads the mind to venture into a state of oblivion. Although the nitty gritty ones respond to adversity in a manner fitting to make even Nelson Mandela proud.

But some others would have been so mentally damaged that they would probably never recover from these mental K.O’s. Biologically it takes a toll on these wounded warriors. Insomnia creeps in. Slowly but steadily, insomnia devours these hustlers of their will to strive for greatness.


There has to be a way. A way to end this. End this disease of the soul. The only way I see is, to believe. Believe, that it’s not over until it’s over. The sheer desire to not give in no matter what life throws at you is what keeps you going.

After all, when the going gets tough, the tough get going!

-Adithya Sanil
Blog: The666Hypocrites

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