Stranger to friend

friendsIt’s weird.
It’s so weird this feeling I get
The feeling when there’s a glance of a stranger
I do not know if other people feel this too
But I always feel it like a hue
A hue that’s a part of my life but yet unknown
And then I meet the same person who I had seen
Not just meet,we become friends
Infact really good friends
I never see it like a choice coming to me
It is as though in my life a role they have to play
It’s weird because out of all the strangers,my eyes finds one
And the same one,coincidentally
Or shall I say by destiny
Meets me in more than one place
Not intentionally,I’m not sure if that person feels the same too
But in my life whoever are a part, I have felt this for every single one of you
It’s like I get to know who are the strangers who are gonna be a part of my life
I’m not saying I can see the future,
But it’s just weird,this feeling
This feeling I get that someone’s gonna be a part of my life
Just by a mere glance,a new face at my first sight.

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