Why You Shouldn’t Kill Spiders In Your Home

Spiders are air-breathing invertebrates which have an exoskeleton, have eight legs and also fangs which inject venom. This does sound dangerous, but very few of the spider species are actually dangerous/ poisonous. Some fun facts about spiders are at the bottom of this post. Whenever you see a spider at home, what’s your instantaneous reaction? You either just look at them just for a second and get back to your work with a peaceful mind or you just snap out of our thoughts, and without a single second thought, you kill the spider, in fact destroy it and crumble it’s existence. But does it do any good to you if you are being treacherous to the little spider which caused you no harm at all. Do you think we are doing good to ourselves by doing bad to them?

spiders in your home

You shouldn’t be killing spiders in your home (Excluding the dangerous ones here). But actually even the dangerous spiders cause minimal harm. They use their venom to kill insects and not to cause a venomous bite on humans unless being squashed or threatened. There’s a lot about spiders and why we depend on each other. In fact, they are amazing creatures and should be adored and appreciated like every other living creature. By killing the spiders in your home, you are actually making your house much more appealing to pests, insects which may carry diseases. These spiders keep you safe from them. Even though spiders seem to be creepy and make you get jitters, at the end of the day, they are your superheroes.

North Carolina State University entomologist Matt Bertone conducted a survey of 50 North Carolina homes to see which arthropods are living under our roofs. Every home seemed to have spiders(Not much of a surprise). The most common were cobweb spiders and cellar spiders (often called daddy longlegs).

Stop! You are getting creeped out again. Beauty lies on the inside, bro. Spiders are actually kinda cute if you look at them very closely.

spiders in your home

Spiders are quite typical members of the indoor ecosystem and can do our living spaces a lot of good. In general, they like to stay out of our way, hiding out in dark places awaiting prey. They capture and eat nuisance pests, like roaches and earwigs, and even disease-carrying insects, like mosquitoes and flies. Sometimes, they duel it out and end up killing other spiders, too. For example, our superhero, the cellar spider is known to kill venomous black widows. Thank you, our superhero.But remember, even the black widow spiders do not cause us harm unless you provoke it.

So let’s live in peace and let the other creatures live in peace too. And yeah, it might result you in more cob webs so here’s a way you can help your superhero move. If you must get rid of a spider you find in your home, you can always try to catch it and bring it outside. The easiest way to do this is to get the spider to crawl onto a piece of paper and cover it with a glass. You can then take the spider outside and let it go.

Here are some facts of our eight-legged superheroes

spiders in your home

  • They are not insects

Insects only have six legs and spiders have eight.

  • Most spiders don’t have teeth, so they can’t chew their food

So they use venom to turn their food into liquid and then they suck it up.

  • All spiders have fangs

But don’t worry, most of them aren’t dangerous to humans. These fangs can fold back when the spider doesn’t need them.

    • The black widow spider is one of the most poisonous spiders

    But only the females! They eat male spiders and are the strongest spider. Pretty scary!

          • Frog-eating spiders

          The Goliath bird-eating spider eats frogs, lizards and yes, even birds!

          Sreehari Ballur Photography

          • Not all spiders make webs

          The trapdoor spider digs a tunnel into the ground. It lies in wait for its prey and drags it underground.

          Also, here is an amazing video by Thomas Shahan on Debunking Spider Myths & Misconceptions . To watch it, click here.

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