How to score an S grade in your Semester end exams

Someone personally asked me to write an article on ‘How I get an S when most others don’t’ so here, I’ll be talking about how to score an S in your sem end exams. It’s a fact that all of us truly want good grades but not everyone gets them. So what’s going wrong and why do people fail at getting good grades? This article is based on my personal experiences so someone else’s perception may vary on this topic. But I really hope this article helps you all in some way or the other. So I’ll begin with the steps/suggestions to keep in mind to ace your tests.
The first thing you need to keep in mind is to pay attention in class. All of us get distracted and get immersed in our own dream worlds or imaginations too but remember it’s completely fine if that happens, but NOT TOO MUCH. Instead, use your mind to imagine what the lecturer is telling in class and you will understand the concept better. Keep a track of what’s happening in class and even if you lose your track, get back by talking to your friends about it.

What you do in class plays a major role, always remember to make notes and jot down points.
Whenever your lecturer says that something’s important, make a note of it. Draw a star or anything noticeable.
The important topics have high possibilities in coming in your internals and sem ends, we all know that SEE are unpredictable. Oh yes! Do not blindly follow and believe that only the important questions are going to appear in the exam. You need to study to learn and not pass. But yeah, passing is important too. And learning cannot be done in a day. We take a lot of things granted but trust me, this one thing isn’t something you need to take granted.
You don’t have to break your head, hate what you are doing and read something. But you have to sit for a while with a feeling that you like what you are learning and you are actually interested in it.
I believe in this theory, this theory which says, Like it and you will automatically learn and if you don’t like it, think of a reason or goal which inspires you to learn.
I do not study 6 hours a day or a large number of hours. In fact, I don’t even study daily. But in my mind, I do have things in my mind as to what’s done in class and I have a track of it. When you listen in class, your interest keeps you going. And if the lecturer doesn’t teach that well, then damn, we need to put in much more effort than we normally do. But in the end, effort counts, dedication counts.
Try scoring maximum in your internals so that you gain confidence for your sem ends.
Share your knowledge. Teach someone who needs your help and you will remember it more.
Study according to your way. It can be writing and studying or just reading through. And once you read something, maybe a little while later just think of it and see if you remember, if you don’t go through it again.
Eat well, sleep for required hours, drink lots of water and most of all, keep yourself cool. Not too cool to not study anything. But make a plan as to how much you have to finish studying by what time and if you don’t, do not get stressed. NEVER. My mom had told me, ‘Do your best and God will do the rest’. So every time I begin to get stressed, I remember those words.Those words in-short is my stress-buster.
Believe in yourself, believe that you can do it and believe in yourself that no matter what, you will give your best. Don’t think about others, their expectations, think that it’s just you, your exam, your life. You are doing this for yourself and no one else.
Even if you don’t finish, it’s alright. Just don’t break your head and forget what you already know. Just stay cool and think that you know enough and will do well(You gotta study quite enough for this) otherwise I’m sure you can’t deceive yourself.
I hope this article has helped you, at least a little or must have boosted your confidence to do well this semester. Just like ABCD, anybody can dance, anybody can score an S too. Every single person is capable of it. Don’t lose hope. Keep yourself motivated.
All the best guys.

scoring an s grade

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arpana · September 17, 2020 at 2:31 am

Thanks for sharing very nice post.

Dhushyant · October 13, 2020 at 10:41 am

I am very much inspired by your articles. I have learned a lot new from your post about SEM. I look forward to more comprehensive and insightful posts like this in the future.

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