For people who don’t know what shatter nailpolish is, it looks like normal nail paint but when applied on the nails begins to crack to form a shattered design on the nails. So how does this work and what’s the science hidden in this ?


According to TheBeautyBrains, ethanol(CH3-CH2-OH)is added to the regular nail polish formula. If you ever used rubbing alcohol, you notice that it evaporates quickly when exposed to air because of its very low boiling point. If we dip two pieces of paper,one in alcohol and the other in water. The paper strip with alcohol dries much faster than the other one. You  want your nail polish to not be too viscous I.e thick and also to dry slowly to create even layers of color, not that slow too. However, in crackle formula, the ethanol underlines the pigment polish layer, and the nail polish layers shrink because it dries so rapidly. This creates cracks on your nailpolish which is applied on the nail and hence you get acquire your stylish cracked/shattered look.
Voi’la, now you have put an end to your curiosity of this interesting topic.

shatter nailpolish


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