Indian election 2019 is right around the corner. It’s again that year when we get to decide the next 5 years of our country.

Do try out the quiz below to enhance your knowledge on the Indian election.

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Also, please don’t miss on casting your valuable vote because it’s both, your right and your duty.

Remember, every vote counts!

Quiz Credits: Shabaz Khan

Read about Indian Elections here.

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On August 6th the spotlight of world media was focused on India after the parliament diluted the provisions mentioned in Article 370 of our constitution. This was followed by celebrations, agitations and widespread debates over the move. This article aims towards an apolitical knowledge about the matter to the readers.


The concern of this article is to throw light on the rise and fall of ₹, which is a timeless debate in our country. This works on the basic principle of demand and supply. To understand this better, let us consider an example of an ice-cream shop.

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