Dumbness can be due to dim light ….

Wondering why your brain’s structure and the ability to remember and learn change?
According to a study and neuroscientists spending too much time in dimly lit rooms and offices may actually lead to you being dumb.

In this study, researchers studied the brains of Nile grass rats (which, like humans, are diurnal and sleep at night) after exposing them to dim and bright light for four weeks. The rodents who exposed to dim light lost 30 per cent of their brain ability (that is in the hippocampus, a critical brain region for learning and memory). The rats exposed to bright light, on the other hand, showed significant improvement on the spatial task. Further, when the rodents that had been exposed to dim light were then exposed to bright light for four weeks (after a month-long break), their brain capacity – and performance on the task – recovered fully.
According to the Antonia, Professor at Michigan State University, “When we exposed the rats of the dim light, mimicking the cloudy days of Midwestern winters or typical indoor lighting, the animals showed impairments in spatial learning. And this is similar to when people can’t find their way back to their cars in a busy parking lot after spending a few hours in a shopping mall or movie theater.”
Lead author of the study, Joel Soler said, “Since there are fewer connections being made, this made in diminished learning and memory performance. In other words, dim lights are producing dimwits.”

Other things that make you dumber and increase your dumbness :

  • Living in a City Makes You Dumber

what triggers dumbness

  • Junk Food Ruins Your Brain

dumbness from eating junk food

  • Getting Spanked as a Child Lowers Your IQ

dumbness caused by spanking

  • Jet Lag Gives You Permanent Memory and Learning Problems

  • Meetings (And Group Projects in General) Slow Down Your Braindumbness caused by meetings


Now you all know, what exactly  makes you dumber. Let’s avoid these things as much as we can.

-Shreesha Balan

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Thanks for sharing such an interesting article! So glad I popped by your blog!

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