Bermuda Triangle Mystery

Popularly known as the Devil’s Triangle, this is where everything gets lost (planes, ships). Anything which crosses this place can never be traced again.

Placed at the western part of North Atlantic Ocean, this concept has been merged with paranormal activities or the influence of extra-terrestrial beings (Aliens).

bermuda triangle

Paranormal Phenomena

Since there is no strong evidence of what actually, could be the reason for the disappearance of planes and ships, many people have started believing that aliens have invaded the tri-shaped area and doesn’t allow any craft to go beyond.

Natural Causes

bermuda triangle

When looked at it logically, the Bermuda triangle mystery is not an unnatural thing. Rather nothing is unnatural when it comes to human errors.

There are reasons why such kind of incidents takes place at only this region.

  • Deep underwater trenches and Whirlpools

One of the deepest trenches, it aims to cause the greatest whirlpools which are extremely dangerous for any ship to pass through.

bermuda triangle


  • Storms

The unpredictable weather can cause much of a chaos. Just like that, the merger of Caribbean Sea, Atlantic Ocean and Gulf Stream causes immense storm conditions. It is impossible for a boat to withstand such pressure.

  • Air Bombs

These hexagon clouds create such a strong wind, it can toss any plane in its way.

Was there even a mystery?

Since last 70 years, people have been believing that there is a tri-region place, also called Devil’s Triangle, forming from Bermuda, Florida and Puerto rico. Whether a plane or ship goes through it, gets lost and can never be found afterwards. Alien invasion, it is claimed since long. But Karl Kruszelnicki seems to disagree. According to recent observations, there was no mystery to deal with in the first place. Scientists say that any unexplainable thing can be justified with the help of nature and science and not necessarily “alien invasions”. Its rather a simple case of bad weather calculations. According to Karl, there is nothing unordinary about all of this. The first plane to get lost had its own reasons altogether. The leader pilot was drunk, flew without watch and had a history of ditching planes.

Though before the discoveries made by Karl, this concept has faced a lot of criticism from other people.

Larry Kusche, wrote a novel based on the mystery. He has observed through his research that the number of missing planes is not that much in number, similarly like any other part of the ocean. Some cases of missing planes are even false, just to spice things up.

Even after all these observations, people still hold on to the mystic believes. Its yet to be seen whether the mystery can be ended altogether for forever.

bermuda triangle


-Simran Sarin


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