Why you should drink water first thing in the morning

Water is the most basic necessity of life. Every day, your work utilizes a lot of energy and power and drinking plenty of water is the supplement for this. But, do you drink water every morning? Do you know how much water should we drink early morning? We see a bottle of water right in front of us and yet we ignore the existence of it and rush towards our daily chores.

Your body is craving intensely for water when you wake up in the morning. As soon as you wake up, grab a glass of water and drink it. This will definitely give you an amazing start for the day as your health will be rejuvenated in more ways than you can imagine.

Let’s go through some amazing benefits which will certainly motivate you towards a glass of water every single day from now on.

10 Reasons why you should drink water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach

why you should drink water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach

1. Drinking water first thing in the body helps rehydrate your body:

You wake up after 6-8 hours of sleep without any water consumption, hence drinking two to three glasses of water right after you wake up is a good way to way to rehydrate your body quickly. It also helps you with moving the lower bowels for regularity in the mornings.

2. Drinking water first thing in the morning ups your level of alertness.

The main reason of tiredness and fatigue is because you are simply dehydrated. Water can stimulate faster growth of red blood cells in your system and generates more oxygen in your blood.
Drinking water can help your physical performance to be better as the blend of these two factors will give you a good burst of energy. It also helps you enhance the performance of your brain

3. Strengthens your immune system

It helps avoid sickness. The strong immune system will surely keep you safe from different diseases and prevent you from any illnesses.

4. To get rid of toxins

A glass of water first thing in the morning flushes out the toxins that store in your body overnight.

5. Increases your metabolism

Drinking water early in the morning increases your metabolic rate and helps attain better digestion. This is because the needed carbohydrates and proteins that you consume on a daily basis are metabolized and transported through water all over your body.

6. Helps in healthy weight loss

As all the toxins are flushed out, you will feel less hungry, and all your cravings for that day will be minimized hence preventing from gaining weight caused by overeating.

7. Improves complexion and skin radiance

Releasing toxins from the blood, keeps your skin glowing, healthy, and radiant.

8. Prevents kidney stones and protects your colon and bladder from infections

Drinking water on an empty stomach enhances the body’s efficiency to fight against infections and hence prevents kidney stones and protects your colon from infections.

9. Promotes the growth of healthy hair

The roots of the hair can become dry, rough, and also brittle if there is an insufficient amount of water. Regular consumption of water increases the quality of your hair.

10. Keeps your internal organs healthy

Drinking water in the morning helps to keep the internal organs healthy as toxins are flushed out.

why you should drink water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach

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