Kori Rotti Curry

Kori rotti is a special and absolutely scrumptious Manglorean Dish which you must try if you haven’t tried, without fail. Here, Kori means chicken in the Manglorean native language- tulu and roti are crisp rice wafers as shown below. The curry is made of chicken, spices and coconut milk. So let’s find out how to make this must try dish.

kori roti



1. Chicken 1 kg
2. Coconut 1
3. Long Chillies 8
4. Short Chillies 5
5. Coriander Seeds 1 1/2 tsp
6. Methi Seeds 1/2 tsp
7. Jeera 1 tsp
8. Pepper 6-7
9. Garlic cut pieces 8
10. Onions 2
11. Curry leaves 2 sticks

  1. Fry the above ingredients 3-11 in oil separately
  2.  Grind the coconut and extract thick coconut juice, then add two glasses of water and extract thin coconut juice. Keep thick juice separate.
  3. Then, grind the above fried ingredients in thin coconut juice with marble sized tamarind. Keep the masala aside.
  4. Now put 2 tbsp ghee to a vessel and fry one onion ,when it is brown, add 1/4 TSP methi seeds. Add the chicken pieces and salt to taste.
  5. Add the ground masala and the remaining thin coconut juice .When cooked well, simmer the fire and add thick coconut juice and stir well.
  6. Bring to a boil.
  7. Enjoy with Roti.

– Susan Rasquinha 

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