silverfish curry

Silverfish Curry Mangalorean Style Recipe

SILVERFISH CURRY Silverfish is also called as Yerlio/ Erli, Bolanjir in the coastal region, Mangalore. The delicacy of the silverfish curry – Mangalorean style dish can’t be compared to anything else. This tiny fish has its own wonderful taste. Learn to cook this delicious silverfish Mangalorean curry with Pearl Fernandes’s […]

anjal roce curry

Seer Fish/ Anjal Roce Curry

SEER FISH/ANJAL ROCE CURRY Seer Fish/Anjal Roce curry is a heavenly delicious Mangalorean Fish curry made from coconut milk(roce) along with the perfect bits of spices and soft and juicy Seer Fish. To make this scrumptious dish, follow our recipe below. Here’s an extremely simple recipe for you on how […]

croaker fish curry

Dhadiyare/ Jew/ Croaker Fish Fried Roce Curry

Dhadiyare/ Jew/ Croaker Fish Fried Roce Curry A traditional Mangalorean fish curry is on your way, presenting the Dhadiyareche Kadi or Croaker fish curry with roce(coconut milk). Mangalore is super famous for the sea foo, especially the deliciously spiced fish curries. Let’s transport to the recipe now and make this […]

dry fish chutney recipe

Dry Fish Chutney Recipe by Pearl

DRY FISH CHUTNEY What do you do when you are a fish lover but there is no fresh fish available? You make dry fish chutney! When the dry fish is dry shrimp in the chutney, the chutney is commonly known as galmbyachi chutney from Mangalore, a coastal region. The juicy […]

Chicken Onion Masala Curry

CHICKEN ONION MASALA CURRY Delicious and quick chicken curry recipe made with flavour-filled onion masala made by grinding aromatic spices with onions & chillies. This super easy recipe is all you need on a weekday to savour with chapatis/rotis. Since you liked this post, here are some Mangalorean recipes. PORK INDAD RECIPE […]

pathrode curry recipe

Pathrode Curry Recipe

PATHRODE CURRY RECIPE Pathrode is a delicious traditional Dakshina Kannada dish made from Colocasia Leaves and rice batter. Colocasia leaves have a multiple number of health benefits and that’s not just it, it’s very tasty as well. In this recipe, we will help you to cook pathrade from colocasia leaves […]

Chicken green masala curry

Chicken Green Masala curry

CHICKEN GREEN MASALA CURRY RECIPE Tired of the traditional yellow or orange chicken curries and want to make unique chicken curry? Try this Chicken green masala curry Mangalorean style recipe. This is a simple and delicious Mangalorean chicken curry dish which consists of traditional spices like cumin, turmeric, pepper along […]