You come first

So it’s a really busy day, like every other busy day in your life and you have an entire list of things you need to get done. 24 hours seems too less , from getting your school or office work done to catching up with friends and family and of course keeping up to date on social media , time just seems to rush by and you crave for that weekend and vacation cause who doesn’t need a break after all this?

But in this entire list of things that you need to get done, is there any time left for some ME TIME?

Is it really worth living a stressful life every day? One that you need to run away from to find peace? I know it’s really hard to miss out on anything and it’s just really hard to say NO to people. You probably don’t want to run into the risk of being labelled as selfish or self obsessed. But it’s really important to make yourself a priority and listen to your heart.

You come firstWhile it is very important to be there for other people, you also need to set time aside for yourself. Be kind, helpful and loving to others, be there for them but always remember to be kind, helpful and loving to yourself as well. Never forget about yourself.

Self-care is as important as anything else in this world and you don’t have to feel guilty about it at all. Self care is important to maintain a healthy mind, body and soul. You can give so much more to the world by being happy, healthy and full of life. So always say YES to some me time and put it on your “to do list”. Here is a list of some things that you can do for yourself to make self-care a part of your everyday routine-

  1. Choose healthy foods and get enough of rest- Haven’t you noticed how irritated you get when you don’t get enough of sleep and how wrong eating habits lead to health problems? Always choose foods that are local, seasonal and foods that have been part of your food heritage. Eat on time and get enough sleep.
  2. Quiet time- Take time out from your routine for some quiet time. Yoga and meditation is a good way to clear your mind and reconnect with your inner self. You could also sip a cup of tea/coffee and watch the world going by or take a stroll in a calm and quiet place.
  3. Exercise- You can choose any form of exercise as long as you are consistent and enjoying it. Love swimming? Go for a swim. Love the outdoors? Go for a walk or run.
  4. Do things that don’t involve technology- Our lives revolve around our phones. We simply can’t resist checking instagram or facebook every few minutes. Instead of constantly connecting with people via social media, interact with the people around you. Read a book or work on your interest and hobbies.
  5. Clearing the mess- All that clutter and mess in your room is going to block good and positive energy. If you want to clear the mess and confusion in your life, start by clearing up your surroundings. Get rid of unwanted things from your room. Create a good and pleasant environment around you.
  6. Choose positive thoughts and positive energy- Train your mind to allow only positive thoughts. You can use affirmations and gratitude journals to start having a positive outlook in life and changing the way you look at life.Negative people can drain your energy so allow yourself to set boundaries with people who have a negative impact on your life. You don’t need to be around people who make you feel low about yourself or create unnecessary drama. Limit contact or simply cut off from such people if necessary.
  7. Last but not the least , Self Love-  Unless you love yourself and know your worth you won’t want to take care of yourself. Self care is an act of self love. Love and accept yourself from the inside out.  You are worthy of all the love and care in the world.

Always remember – You come first. Not just today, you come first everyday!

You come first

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Sharon Lobo 


Life is Beautiful

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