As you’re walking down your life path , take a moment and look back, you will see little happy memories all along . These little happy memories are like a trail of breadcrumbs that you left behind on your path.

Life is always about these breadcrumbs ..these little things .. yet we never really care about these little things .

A house with the most expensive TV and furniture can never be a home unless there is laughter , joy ,shared tears , hugs ,chatter around the dining table and joint cooking sessions.

That expensive car you drive , will not feel the same unless you have people with you to enjoy the drive .

It’s never about how much you spend on a holiday , it’s the shared experiences and memories you make , it’s the people you meet , the stories you hear and the different food you taste.

The promotions and awards you receive won’t give you happiness if there’s no one there to celebrate with you .

Life is not supposed to be a race , it’s supposed to be a journey . So don’t be in a rush to reach the destination . Look around , take in every moment and enjoy the journey .

We end up spending so much of our time wanting and trying to make the big things happen that we forget to breathe and live in the moment .There is nothing wrong in chasing your dreams and achieving great things , but while you are at it, take time off for the little things.

Take time off to create memories with your family and friends. Even if it’s just spending a quiet evening with your loved ones doing nothing just make it happen . Your presence and your time is more important than money and material things .

Never underestimate the value of these breadcrumbs . They can help us find our life purpose , strengthen and create new bonds and relationships , keeps us afloat during rough times and lets us see the best in every situation .

If you ever feel a little low follow the trail of breadcrumbs and go back to the little happy memories.

As you continue on your journey , remember to throw in some more of those breadcrumbs because in the end life is always about the little things .

Have a happy and safe journey !!

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Sharon Lobo 


Life is Beautiful




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