I am a woman, I am human too,
My body changes with age,
My skin isn’t crystal clear,
I have body and facial hair,
And I may not have an ideal figure.

I am a woman, I am human too,
I was not born a master chef ,
I was not born a homemaker,
I may not always be great at multi tasking,
My home can sometimes be a mess.

I am a woman. I am a mother, I am human too,
My children are not always well behaved,
I may not always know it all,
Sometimes I struggle to balance work and home,
I need breaks too.

I am a woman, I am human too.
I am expected to be superwoman.
I am expected to be perfect.
I wear a mask of perfection,
To hide the imperfections.
After all, I am a human too.

We just celebrated International Women’s day on 8th March and it was great to see women being celebrated all over the world.

The woman of today takes on many different roles. Besides the traditional roles of being a daughter and wife and mother they also play important roles in the workplace as women entrepreneurs and leaders.

But the expectations put on women haven’t changed much over the times. Women are expected to always be perfectly put together. For instance to keep up to the beauty standards, run perfect homes and families and also have successful careers. In other words they are expected to know it all and do it all. But where are these expectations coming from?

Now hold on, before we look at men and blame it all on them,

First let’s take a look at ourselves and the women around us.

Yes do you see it, the advises we get on an everyday basis-

Don’t wear that, you may give out the wrong impression.

Better lose weight, you won’t get a boy otherwise.

You can’t cook? How will you manage your own house later.

Your children look like they need more attention, why don’t you leave your job.

On the other hand we don’t see the same advises and judgements given to men.

We may not realise it, but as women we do pass judgements on other women. To begin with we set beauty standards such as the perfect body type and endorse the same. We are quick to criticize others choices. We pull each other down with our words and actions and also put expectations on ourselves and on others.

Besides that we also set the standards for perfection and we go to great lengths to keep up to that mask of perfection.

mask of perfection

The only way we can truly celebrate being a woman is by firstly embracing our true selves and then letting go of the masks we have on. Also let’s not be too quick to judge other women. Always stay true to yourself and encourage other women to do the same. Learn to stand by each other and pull each other up.

This is not a WOMAN vs. WOMAN nor a MEN vs. WOMEN competition. You don’t need to keep up to anyone because this is not a race. Make choices that you are comfortable with ,stick to your lane and do what’s best for you. What works for someone may not work for you, so why all the competition and comparison?

The beauty of a woman is when she can see beauty in herself and in others. Stay true to yourself and most importantly be a good person while you are at it.

So let go of the mask of perfection and inspire others to do the same.

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Sharon Lobo 


Life is Beautiful

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