Super Value day on Amazon

5-7th October 2019

Super Value day on Amazon is here and it has amazing offers in store for us. Super Value day gives us “UPTO 50% OFF on daily groceries and also extra 15% back on usage of ICICI bank cards.”

super value day
super value day


Crazy deals and sells products for just Rs 1.

super value day

Use the search widget below to start shopping in the Value day sale.

Their unbeatable offers include

  • Sugar starting at Rs 40/kg
  • Upto 35% off on Detergents
  • 30-50% off on shampoo
  • 20-50% off on basmati rice
  • Upto 40% off on body lotions
  • Upto 30% off on oral care
  • Min 50% off on olive oil
  • Upto 40% off on soap
  • 25-50% off on spices
  • Min 25% off on Godrej products
super value day grocery

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