All About the Strawberry Needle Contamination

People are finding needles in strawberries. Across Australia, there have been at least 100 reports of safety pins or sewing needles being hidden in the strawberries.

Although it’s said to have initially started out as a prank by a young boy, now it’s getting prominent due to inconsiderate copycats. The farmers are facing a lot of hindrance due to the fall in demand of strawberries and also, multiple number of strawberries have been destroyed because of this. The local farmers suffer the consequences of the needles in the fruits. As a result of the needle scare, consumers now turn away from the popular fruit.

strawberry needle contamination

Sewing needles and pins have been found in strawberries in all six Australian states, in at least six different brands. There are also isolated cases of metal found in a banana, and a needle found in an apple. From Wednesday, all international exports of fresh strawberries will be scanned by metal detectors or x-ray machines, the Australian Department of Agriculture announced, as part of a range of measures to restore confidence. Australia exports strawberries to Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and the UAE, among others. One big retailer in New Zealand has already withdrawn Australian strawberries from sale, one of the Australians said.

This issue has prompted a viral social media campaign urging Australians to #SmashAStrawb to support local growers. “Smash” is an Australian slang which means to eat or drink something enthusiastically or quickly. In this campaign, the strawberries are sliced in half and smashed by the Australians to help out our local growers today.
    Let’s not let the mistake of someone affect someone else’s life in fact cause problems to them. Let’s all take up the #SmashAStrawb campaign and be the pillars of support to them. But before we smash the strawberries, let’s keep in mind to check whether there are any needles hidden in the fruit.
    Be safe and be kind to support the hardworking farmers.
    STRAWBERRY needle contamination

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