When we hear #relationshipgoals the first images that pop into our minds are probably the numerous posts we see on social media of couples on date nights, the candlelit dinners, the picture perfect sunset selfies, the hand holding, and the couple portraits.

While all of these moments are very important to keep a relationship alive, what these pictures don’t show us is the full picture of what it takes to be in a relationship.

They don’t show us the compromises, the arguments, the sacrifices, the mess, and the chaos.

We aspire to have these #relationshipgoals without realizing that relationships, in reality, are a lot more than that.

The generation before us probably had it much simpler. They didn’t have any #relationshipgoals to match up to so they just fell in love and figured it out. They let moments and memories happen to them, unlike our generation that is desperately trying to make things happen. When things went wrong they didn’t sit and compare their life with other couples but rather focused on fixing the problem. They based the foundation of their relationships on love and commitment rather than these #relationshipgoals. That’s probably why when the picture wasn’t so perfect they tried to fix it rather than looking for the next fix.

What we don’t realize is so much of our unhappiness and dissatisfaction from relationships actually comes from within us. We tend to have unrealistic expectations from people and relationships to meet our level of “perfect”. We make comparisons based on things we see on social media thinking ” oh look at them they have it better than us”.


The truth is if you feel unhappy or unfulfilled in life that’s something you need to work on yourself. That’s not something that a person or relationship can fix.

We need to focus on being the right partner rather than finding the right partner. Make time for yourself. Do things you love. Get to know yourself and love yourself. Learn and grow and make yourself a better and happier person. Always remember your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have.

There is a right person out there for you.

But that person is neither perfect nor will your relationship be.

Always work on yourself and your relationships.

Be love ❤️

Spread love ❤️

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Sharon Lobo 


Life is Beautiful


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