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“BE YOURSELF”, is the one phrase that’s easier said that done. Most often, it just remains as a caption on our pictures or a poster on our walls. But the most important part of it all is, no matter how much you blame the society or the people around you affecting your choices, in the end it’s always your call to get up and do what you want. Be secure with yourself, do what makes you happy!

So here’s the second blog post of floral-May and I’m so excited to share the story of this dress, I mean skirt or dress..Uhmm you decide? In case you missed the first post of floral-May, scroll down to find the link XX

Pink and florals, what’s not to like?! So I found this online for a very reasonable price, it was basically a skirt. But when I got it, it wasn’t really a good fit. For the lazy person I am, I asked myself how could I fix it without actually having to go to a tailor and tadaa, here’s the outcome!

You could either wear it as a tube dress or even get fancy straps pinned to it. You could belt it down for more of a grand look. Here I’ve just put on a white shirt on it and instead of the regular shirt tie, I used a bangle. The most exciting part is, you get two complete different looks with just one piece of clothing. You could always wear it as a skirt, pair it with a fun crop top or wear with a button down shirt, tucked in.

I added with white sneakers for a fun go-to look. Honestly white sneakers are a blessing to humans, you could pair it with your pants, shorts, dresses, playsuits and what not!

As I always believe, no piece of clothing goes to waste if you know exactly how to use it. It’s a world of endless possibilities, go do some thinkin’.


DRESS/SKIRT  : @Koovs.com

SHIRT             : @Ajio.com

SHOES            : @Maxfashion.in

Earings           : @Myntra.com

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Photography by @adhvaithgopinath


Hina Mathias XX

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