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Please put up with the weird header. Long story short, this phrase has been stuck in my head ever since my best friend said it as she kicked my bottle down the stairs. My usual reaction would be ofcourse a bitch face but that phrase was so cute, it just made me smile.

floral crop top

So here’s an outfit that’ll definitely make you smile. You know, like how a good outfit can instantly make you feel 10x times better. I mean how can stripes and floral prints in the same outfit, not make you feel better already?!

White bottoms just have it in them, they just escalate your florals, stripes or even your pastels for that matter, to another level. You could even pair this top with a white button-down skirt or just a white denim skirt. You could pair it with your blue denim collection too, but it’d get a little tricky there. Go with a lighter shade of blue rather than the darker ones..

crop top

Coming to my favourite part of the outfit, the crop top! Crop tops have a special space both in my heart and wardrobe! No better way than this to fuse two of the most trending styles-the stripes and the florals. Plus, it is off shoulder! All the more reason as to why it should be in your summer wardrobe. Oh, that reminds me, have you updated your summer wardrobe yet? No? Go add this to your list asap, cutes!

Crop top

Nothing better than a handy bag that carries all your essentials, yeah? Like can you think of stepping out in this heat without your shades or your sunscreen? Right, I feel you girl. The choice of bags gets tricky too, always try to pick something with black and gold or black and silver as it’ll pretty much compliment all your outfits. I added the floral framed shades to this look, to make it more oopsy daisy’ish, haha!

crop top

Get the look now !

  • CROP TOP : WESTSIDE STORES, You can get it online, here.
  • DENIM : FOREVER21 @Myntra.com
  • SLING BAG: CODE @Lifestylestores.com
  • SHADES : Mysticwardrobe.com

OH ALSO, to all you kind handsome guys who sincerely read all my blog posts but have nothing to look up to, here’s some styling you might require for all your grand events.What are you waiting for? CLICK ME !

Also guys, it’s been a month since I’ve started blogging and I haven’t been more happier and content. It feels amazing to share my personal style with you guys, a big fat THANK YOU to all those who’ve been there from the beginning.


Hina Valida Mathias( @pop_overt) XXX


There will be a slight variation in the post updates for the coming month, stay tuned via my Instagram handle for further updates.


Sharon · May 2, 2018 at 7:02 am

Very well described. Will keep looking forward to the upcoming posts. Strips and florals will never fail !!

    admin · May 4, 2018 at 2:49 pm

    Love X

One Laceny Black owned · August 31, 2020 at 8:24 am

I really loved your fashion tips. These fashion tips are very helpful to wear as well as preventing tears.

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