We made it guys, it’s finally fridayyy, yay us! So the weekend is here and so is the buzz in your girl group as to where to party, what to wear and what not. I mean your life can’t be perfect, but that outfit can sure be, gurl 😉

Here’s the most cliché yet ever enticing look for you. Let nobody ever tell you its too much black, like that’s literally unreal.

all black

This look takes zero efforts. Tell me right now you do not own a minimum of five black topwear, overalls or bottoms…I know, practically impossible right?! The only catch is, just like any other colour, black has its own shades and it can get really tricky sometimes. Always try and avoid putting different shades of black into the same outfit, monochrome works best here.

all black

So this skirt is literally been there for me through thick and thin, see what I did there? Haha, so yeah, this skirt is been there in my wardrobe for a while and I might as well grade it the most used and easily affordable. Since the material is completely elastic, you can use it both as a skirt as well as a tube top, you can wear it with a blazer and a distressed denim for a casual look.

all black

Here, I’m wearing a sheer mesh bodysuit. Bodysuits are really convenient as they do not create problems when you tuck them into your bottoms unlike the regular tops. They also help in lining your body shape. The sheer is pretty much in trend now. You’ll find all the more styles in sheer all over the internet. Check Get the look below, for more details.

all black

Close your look with black boots for a striking, bold look. You could also go with stilettos or wedges, whatever you best like. I decided to get in a pop of colour as I added this red bag. Waist bags are currently in the run, they compliment most looks amazingly.

Get the look here

BOOTS                    : Streetstylestore

SKIRT                     :


Photography by Adhvaith Gopinath, you can check his work out here

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Have a great weekend, you guys XX

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