Here we all are, almost at the end of the what is said to be the most romantic month of the year and how could I let it pass without posting a blog on the highlight of the month – the vermilion wonder!
To the days where you feel exhausted with all the subtle nudes and crave for a gush of pop colours, the colour red will always be your savior. Cannot stress enough over the impact that a red lipstick has on an outfit, but there’s always a way you can shine brighter, ain’t it? Today’s look is made for exactly those days!

vermilion tales

While we’re on the subject of shining brighter, here’s what you’re ought to do when it comes to bright colours, always tone them with neutral colours like black, white or even beige. In here, I’ve toned it down using a black camisole top and a distressed denim skirt.

vermilion tales

Kimono shrugs have been in trend for quite a long time now and as Summer is swiftly arriving, you can’t help but embrace them. The more you have, the more you need, right? We all know the shooting prices of breezy clothing in Summer but Imma save you from burning holes in your wallets by telling you a secret! I got my Kimono here stitched out of my moms old saree. I strongly believe that style is what you spin around or put together from all that you have. There are plenty of DIY videos on the internet where they show you how you can turn a scarf into a kimono, so you’re options are endless really! I’m still going to post a couple of links below where you can find these on different merchant sites.

vermilion tales

To complete the look I added a little red fanny pack and a pair of lace up stilettos and of course, the classic Red lips.

vermilion tales

Denim Skirt –
Cami top – ONLY
Lace up stilettos – @Newlook
Fanny pack –
Neck pieces –
Kimono –
HMU and Photography by @im_ruman_, Go check her page out for some amazing content!
Go get your Red on, sista❤️


Hope you liked ou Vermilion tales article.

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