July Edition 2018

Hello, it’s me
I was wondering after all this time…
*We could be bffs, if you just hummed Adele*
Here’s the July edition of my blog that oopsie, almost got lost in the mail, haha. Definitely a great time of the year for all your monsoon lovers out there but what can I say, a little pain in the ass for the rest of the folks like myself. Anyways, it’s the more reason to curl in your blanket a little longer or in my case, the whole day so I guess it’s all good in the end.

So here’s what I put together for our very much awaited July edition, atleast i’d like to think it was awaited, please play along 😛

So there’s the midi dress, which is all the more beautiful because of its ethnic touch. Love comes in all shapes and sizes and definitely in pairs! So I got this pair of kitten heels from Charles and Keith and I swear I’ve never walked around in anything more comfortable. Oh, here’s a fun fact- Kitten heels were actually introduced in the earlier 50’s by the name “trainer heels” in the US basically to make the younger girls get used to the stilettos but later on found their own place in the world of fashion. As much of a Gigi Hadid you feel wearing those stilettos you have to admit sometimes you just feel kitten heels. Also, you can never have enough pair of shoes, right ?!

You can believe me when I say this, that I’m not really a midi dress gal. But then everything has a first, right? So this may not be the first thing you’d pull or ever pull out at all for your Friday nights but it’s definitely a dress you could dive into for your hungover Sunday mornings. The fabric is cotton which makes it all the more comfortable and ladies, let’s face it- It definitely is a relief to get out of the bodycons!

Oh another reminder, it’s literally the season of tassels, so get yours at the Shop section in the website or head on to @art._.beat to check out the collection, you can customise your own too!
Get the look @
Midi dress : @ajio.com
Earrings : @antica2018
Footwear : @Charles&Keith
Clutch : Accessorize @amazon.in
I do my shopping both online and offline, letting you guys know that I attach the links of brands online just as a reference.

So here we are the end of todays blog, hope you guys have an amazing week ahead. Always all ears to feedback and requests, all heart eyes to you my constant readers ❤❤
Hina Mathias XX
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