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‘Ello there fellow denim lover 💃
Hope you guys are doing great. So as you guys know I had put a poll last week on my Instagram, to check if you guys wanted a themed June as well and firstly, I thank you guys for voting! As a majority of you’ll went for themed, here I am with the theme for June, which is °Denim affair°
Denims are very much without a doubt a piece of clothing we all own either in the form of bottoms, jackets, mere tops and what not! So coming up this month, starting with casuals I’ll take you guys around various ways and occasions to pair your denims with.

So here’ a look you can rock at all those game streaming you’ll be doing with 14th of June just round the corner. I actually picked this tee from Max when my friend and I were window shopping. I didn’t really intend to buy anything sporty, I actually picked up a pretty comfortable tee from the men’s section with a catchy caption on it and even billed it up. As we were heading out of the store, my eyes suddenly caught this whole counter that I had missed and I soon read the board new collection and I rushed to check it out. It was actually a counter filled up with these boxy crop tops and the top row of the counter was all about football.

My friend was really excited telling me the which team they represented picking out one after the other. To be honest, as I’m a little weak in this category I just picked out this one because one I liked the colour and two, the caption on this one was pretty dope.

If I had to label these jeans, it would be amazeballs!! I got this pair recently, online and I can’t tell you how much I love it! The fringes at the bottom are surely an amazing makeover to our ’90s bell bottoms. They go well with almost all my crops and glam up the look instantly. Its boyfriend fit is a two way street to both comfort and trend!

Since I have fairly long hair, I decided to braid it up as it’d just come in the way of the caption for which I chose the tee in the first place, had I let it loose. I completed the look with a baseball cap. Like duh, nothing else could scream sporty like this little one hehe and last but not the least sneakers FTW!

So wrapping it up I just want to remind you guys that whatever you’re doing, keep doing it as long as it makes you guys happy and not harming anyone else ofcourse! Find inspiration in the little things around you and never give up because better things are coming.


Get the look @

Tee – Maxfashion.com

Denim – Ginger by lifestylestores.com

Baseball Cap – Koovs.com

Sneakers – H&M


Hina Mathias XX


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