Au revoir, Floral May

Hi you all, I hope you guys are doing amazing! So here is *drumoll* saying goodbye to our Floral May! Well not a goodbye really as there be florals with you and with me till the end of time, amen haha! But here’s closing my themed month of May.

So I’m finally back in my hometown, Mangalore after a stressful series of examinations and will keep you guys updated about my posts and if all goes well, I have something great planned up and I can’t wait to share it with you guys!! Also you can let me know if you want June to be themed as well in the comments section below or head to my Instagram page where I’ll be putting up a poll later on.

TBH, this dress wasn’t really the love at first sight for me. I picked it anyway because of its comfortable style. But it sure turned out be an epitome of looks can be deceiving as no sooner did I wear it, it was already under my favourite A-lines! Its super breezy and a blessing on a sunny day.

For those of you who know me, its no secret how much I love A-lines and skaters over the bodycons and what I’ve learnt overtime is there’s nothing more satisfying when you wear what YOU prefer rather than trying to define the norms set by other people. Since the dress is fairly high necked, I decided to just leave it bare. Instead of putting efforts with the earings, I braided my hair after which I pinned it up into a messy bun side ways, like duh! Who doesn’t like those?!

This tiny little bag is the one for your, those days when all you want to carry is your wallet and a lipstick, it’s very handy and it also comes with a sling and for something to with this little pink one, I hopped on to a pair of floral heels and there ya go! Quick tip here would be, try to match your handbags, accessories and footwear to one color so they complement well with the dress.

That’s it for today you guys and it’s been two hella’ months, looking forward to all your suggestions and feedbacks, here’s my instagram handle @pop_overt , you could either mail or DM me for the same.

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BAG       :


PHOTOGRAPHY BY @adhvaithgopinath

Until next time,

Hina Mathias XX

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starofservice avis · June 1, 2018 at 1:49 pm

Nice dress! I think it fits you really well and adapts perfectly to the weather. By the way, I also find that these photos are really successful.

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