Detection of Alzheimer’s 

Peanut butter test

Peanut Butter test

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As kids, we love eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and as we grow up, most of us tend to stop. And that’s not because that it isn’t our favourite anymore, but we are cautious of our health. What an irony it is that what we avoid is what is useful the most. We are just so unaware of so many useful bits around us.

Yes! I’m saying that peanut butter is just magical. It is so magical that it can easily detect Alzheimer’s at a starting stage.


The peanut butter test is a diagnostic test with its purpose to detect Alzheimer’s disease by measuring the ability to smell peanut butter through each nostril.

First, the right nostril is closed and with the left nostril, peanut butter is smelled. After which, the left nostril was closed with the help of a finger and the peanut butter was smelled from the right nostril. It is concluded that patients with Alzheimer’s were not able to smell the peanut butter as well through their left nostril as their right one.

Peanut Butter test


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