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World’s first ever colour X-ray performed on human bodycolour X-ray

Regular X-ray machines and CT scanners can produce 2-D or 3-D images but in monochrome. In the same way that black-and-white film is unsighted to other wavelengths of light, these techniques cannot distinguish between different wavelengths of X-ray whereas the colour X-ray…

Rydberg Polaron: An atom full of atoms

The Rydberg Polaron : An Atom full of Atoms An atom is made up of a nucleus and one or more electrons. Recall the structure of an atom from a high school textbook in which..

Edible Water Bottle!?edible water bottle

Edible water bottle? Oh yes! 
We’ve slurped water. We’ve guzzled water. We’ve sipped water. But we’ve never eaten water!

This blob is something you can eat…

Largest Prime number discovered by a US Engineer

US-based electrical engineer has discovered the largest known prime number, having as many as 23,249,425 digits. The 51-year old mathematics enthusiast arrived at the number by subtracting 1 from…

‘How I Met Your Father’ : Alison Bennett tapped to write HIMYM spin-off

How I Met Your Dad movie was released in 2014. The writers of this movie were Carter Bays, Craig Thomas Emily Spivey who also wrote How I Met Your Mother. This movie surprisingly did not air very well. Two and a half years after How I Met Your Dad  didn’t………

The Bitcoin Monopoly: A Brief Insight To The World Of Bitcoins

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that works on peer to peer basis or better known as a peer to peer electronic cash system. The word ‘Cryptocurrency’ means that it is an electronic or digital currency that uses cryptography to secure its transactions, to control the creation of additional units, and to verify the….

Esperanto The Universal Language

Esperanto: The Universal Language

Esperanto, an international language, constructed to open the door for communication amongst people from….