A different version of you exists in the minds of everyone who knows you– I happened to read this somewhere and it just made so much sense.

Isn’t it true?

Like every person you meet or know could have a totally different opinion about you based on what they choose to like and dislike about you.

But a lot of times we start valuing ourselves based on these judgements from others .We create an image of ourselves based on these judgements and start feeling the need to be like someone else to be accepted and appreciated. As a result we become too self critical and unhappy with ourselves and our life’s.

We just never seem to feel enough.. Good enough.

Let me tell you this and I really had to learn this the hard way myself that you simply can’t please everyone. There will always be someone who just won’t like you or feel like you’re too much or too less of something. Like you just won’t be enough but the fact is you are enough and you have always been enough. The qualities you have, the talents and the person you are is always enough. What other people choose to see or not see in you speaks more about them than about you.

The only version we should be interested in is the version of ourselves in our mind but we are so busy trying to be the things we are not that we forget to appreciate the things that make us who we are.

Do you really need to look like him or her to feel beautiful?

Do you really need to talk or walk or think like him or her to start feeling good about yourself?

Do you really need to get more Facebook likes or Instagram followers to feel liked and validated?

Of course you don’t. Someone could see you as a kind person. Someone could see you as a generous person. Someone could see you as a dependable person. Someone could like your personality or your sense of humour or the way you smile. I mean we are all just so different with our unique personalities and mix of qualities that the only way we can impact someone’s life is by being who we are.

As much as you want to say “ENOUGH” to all the judgements. The truth is it’s never going to stop. The only way to stop letting it effect you negatively is by feeling ENOUGH.

So let this be a year that you learn to feel ENOUGH. The year you accept yourself, be yourself and love yourself. Know that you are completely enough just the way you are.

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Sharon Lobo 


Life is Beautiful

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Ryan K Biddulph · June 6, 2019 at 11:29 am

Be you Sharon. You will be happiest. I love this message. We are happiest being ourselves, right?

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